General information about MyStudyLink

How to use MyStudyLink and a summary of the key things you need to know, including definitions for terms we use.

Basic guide to using MyStudyLink

MyStudyLink is a secure online tool that allows you to view and in some cases update your information.

  • MyStudyLink displays a 'snapshot' of the information in our system at the point in time that you view it. This information is subject to change, based on a number of different factors.
  • When you make changes via MyStudyLink you should always check that the information displayed is correct and whether the changes have had any impact on your entitlement to assistance.
  • Any information or evidence you have sent us needs to be processed into our system before you will see a change to your application. This may take up to five working days from the date we receive it.
  • To protect your details, remember to always logout of MyStudyLink when finished. This includes closing any additional windows that may have opened (such as these help pages).

Access levels

MyStudyLink has the following access levels:

  • Full - you will be able to view and update your information.
  • View - you are only able to view information (a message will be displayed to you on login).
  • None - you will be unable to access MyStudyLink.

Page structure

The structure of all MyStudyLink pages can be divided into four sections:

  1. Left-hand menu - use this to navigate to each of the pages in MyStudyLink.
  2. Top level options - located at the top right of each page are links to Apply Online, Help and Logout.
  3. Breadcrumb trail - located near the top of most pages, the breadcrumbs trail will tell you where you are within a certain service or task flow. Clicking on a breadcrumb trail link will navigate you to the relevant page.


There are a number of ways you can navigate around MyStudyLink.

You can do this by:

  • selecting an option from the left-hand menu
  • selecting a link from the breadcrumb trail

Note: Please don't use the 'Back' and 'Forward' buttons on your browser toolbar. These can interfere with the data being transferred to and from MyStudyLink.

Text size

You can increase or decrease the size of the text displayed in MyStudyLink by holding down a 'Ctrl' key and selecting the '+' or '-' key.

Viewing and updating your information

Each service in MyStudyLink is set up to display an overview in the initial screen, and further details in subsequent screen(s) where relevant.

Some services will also allow you to add information, or update or delete your existing information.

You will need 'Full' access to make updates in MyStudyLink.
If your access is set to 'View' you will not be able to add, update or delete any information.

Viewing information

You can view further information in MyStudyLink by selecting the 'View/Update' link at the right of the page.

Where multiple 'View/Update' links appear on a page, each one relates to a different application or period. You will need to select the relevant link to view this information.

Updating information

You can add or update the following information using MyStudyLink:

  • Contact Details (address, contact numbers and email address)
  • Bank Account Details
  • Income Details (for Student Allowance)
  • Study Details (you can update details about your intended study. Once your education provider has confirmed your study details closer to the time your study starts, this will become view only)

Note: When updating your information, click the 'Submit' or 'Next' button once and then wait for the system to process your request. Clicking these buttons multiple times while the system is processing your information can cause errors and/or your MyStudyLink access to be automatically restricted.

Deleting information

Where you have information in MyStudyLink that has a start date in the future, you have the ability to delete this from our system.
You can do this by selecting the tick box next to the information and clicking the 'Delete' button at the bottom of the page.

Current/Past/Future details

Information displayed in MyStudyLink is given a status and displayed in a particular place based on its start and/or end date.

This is current information on your record.

These are details that have already been end-dated. It is provided to give you an indication of previous information held on your record. Past information will usually only display when the end date is within 14 days of the current date.

These are details that have a start date in the future.

Blank Start or End Date
 In some cases the start and/or end date for your information may display as blank.
 In these cases the system has used an automatic date which does not need to be displayed.

Other things you need to know

Student Allowance debt and deductions
Details of any debts with the Ministry of Social Development (including StudyLink) are not displayed in MyStudyLink, however you will be able to see deductions from your Student Allowance in the Next Payment or Transaction History services. For information about your debt, including balances, please check any Student Allowance 'approval' letters or call us on 0800 88 99 00. Please have your client number handy.

Incomplete Student Allowance
If your application is incomplete, we need to receive the required information in before your course end date or your Student Allowance application will be declined. To stop receiving Student Allowance or to cancel your application, call us on 0800 88 99 00. Please have your client number handy.

Jobseeker Support Student Hardship (JSSH) and supplementary assistance payments
Any payments of JSSH or supplementary assistance (such as Disability Allowance or Accommodation Supplement or Temporary Additional Support) are not displayed in MyStudyLink. Any updates made to your personal details in MyStudyLink will not be applied to your JSSH or any supplementary assistance you may be receiving. To update these details you need to call us on 0800 88 99 00. Please have your client number handy.

If you’re receiving Jobseeker Student Hardship payments over your study break, you need to tell us about any income you earn. You need to let us know by the Friday of each week you earn it.

The quickest and easiest way to tell us about any changes is to email us using “declare income” as the topic.

You need to tell us:

  • details of your income per week before tax and the date you earned it, from Monday to Sunday
  • hours worked each week
  • your employer’s name or source of income.

Partner/Spouse details
Where you have a partner/spouse who is recognised for Student Allowance purposes and has not applied for a Student Allowance or Student Loan, their address, contact numbers/email and income details will be displayed in the Personal Details service.

If you have a partner/spouse who is also studying and is not recognised for Student Allowance purposes, a message will be displayed advising that they need to update their details through their own MyStudyLink account.

MyStudyLink structure

MyStudyLink has the following basic structure:

Personal Details

  • Contact Details
  • Bank Account Details
  • Income Details

Application Details (the following options are displayed where relevant)

  • Student Allowance
  • Student Loan
  • Scholarships

Payment Information

  • Next Payment Details
  • Transaction History
  • Loan account balance
  • Loan living costs

Apply for Course-related costs

  • View course-related costs

Loan living costs

  • Update living costs
  • Living costs calculator

Student Loan Contract

Mail Online

  • View Letters

Documents Received

Apply Online

Information on each of the above can be found in the other help pages:

Definitions for StudyLink terms

The following are definitions for terms you may see used in MyStudyLink:

Establishment Fee - Student Loans

This is a one off charge of $60.00 when you access your loan for the first time - this access could be when fees are paid to your education provider or Course-related Costs or Loan Living Costs are paid to you.

Business Trading Name

This is the name that the business is commonly known as or trades under, for example Woolworths is a trading name but the Employer Name registered for tax purposes is Foodstuffs.

Calendar week

This is a week starting on the Monday and ending on the following Sunday.

Employer Name

This is the name of the person/company that is registered with Inland Revenue.  For example Foodstuffs is the registered Employer Name for Woolworths supermarkets.

Education provider 

This is the organisation you will be studying with.

  • Wananga
  • College of Education
  • Secondary school


This refers to the amount of EFTS used for the Student Loan since study starting on or after 1 January 2010.  Students are only able to receive a Student Loan for a maximum of 7.0 EFTS in their lifetime (excluding any Student Loan taken out for a period prior to 1 January 2010)

Loan Account - Student Loans

A Loan Account covers all study within a 52 week period from the study start date. Most students will only have one Loan Account for a period of study as it starts and finishes within a calendar year (52 weeks).


For Student Allowance purposes a Partner/Spouse is someone you are in a recognised relationship with. A recognised relationship is when you are both 24 or over and in a relationship such as marriage, a civil union or a defacto relationship. If either of you is under 24, one or both of you must have a child in your care to be in a recognised relationship for the Student Allowance.

Start Date

A start date is the date you have advised us that specific details are effective from, such as address, income or study details.

Study Address

By 'Study Address' we mean the physical address where you will be living while you are in study.

Supplementary Assistance

This is additional assistance that you may be receiving.

Supplementary Assistance may also be referred to as Extra Assistance and includes:

  • Accommodation Supplement
  • Disability Allowance
  • Child Disability Allowance
  • Childcare Assistance
  • Temporary Additional Support
  • Special Benefit
  • Residential Support Subsidy  
Last updated: 24 October 2014